Welcome to the Emotional Roller Coaster of Mr. Market

Hi Dost,

VG Gyaan where I set you straight no bulshit :) Dost I am with you on every step as You set urself free

If you are not a VG register at VG now. Break from ur everyday Rat Race & I promise to set you Free.

So in Last 3 week lot has happened We had Budget n btw it kicked our ass with LTCG :( dimaag kharab ho gya hai policy makers da.. there is hardly anyone doing LT as mostly are sattebaaj. Aur unhano bhi tax laata :(

But not to worry dost.. as per my calculationour VG strategy is hardly getting any hit... If you closely it is miniscule like 0.5%/yr of ur total investment.

That is the beauty of our VG style of investing. I am talking about Advanced multibagger course, if u haven't it then do it abhi right now... that's like the bible for VG.

Moving on... right now every Indian's life is overshadowed with 'Modi' word.

1 is PM for his Globe trotting from 1 country to other 2 is Nirav modi his fabulous deed with PNB.

God... you gotta love these guys... above the law n above every Indian.

Life gives us 2 options... either be pissed with system or hack the system n be rich... As a VG our focus should be on 2nd. Don't give a shit about fiasco... we are not invested in PNB or any bank for that matter. Why should we care....

If as a VG we are future billionare.... we will be there. I promise .. just stick with me.

Hamare bilions aane to Stock Market se hai.. So what's happening with Mr. Market. We are bit down...

So I have got lot of queries on recent minor market fall.

To me these queries are like gf asking his guy to go n watch Padmaavat movie. You know is a SLB movie... so gonna be painfully slow n long. N not to forget a long jewellery advertisement.

But still there is a stupid in u is thinking about it. In same manner u r intrigued with this fall in mr. Market n thinking of taking action... i know there must be a loss due to sell off but its notional...

Plus wtf are doing looking at market everyday. Don't u have a life ??

As a VG we invest so that money start working n we do our passion stuff remember?

If these events bothers u so much then u deserve to be middle class n gud luck with ur rat race.

i can't set u free if u listen to noises and submit to them. Leave these Mr. Market complications to me u just enjoy ur life just like I do.

For example next week I am gonna be at a secluded island in middle of nowhere with no mobile network whatsoever... Now that's how I like to live...

Find ur passion n enjoy.. :)

I am Jasmeet Singh n I approve this video :)

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