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This ongoing demonetization drive orchestrated (Started 9th Nov Onwards) by our Hon'ble PM Modi is 100% a BLACK SWAN event. Nothing like this happened in history of such scale of cash & humongous population.

What would be the net-net outcome of this financial revolution after 1-2 yrs is up for speculation but I can assure you that not even biggest name in field of macro economics can't decipher proper outcome.

We too got hit on VGEX & our portfolios but it just a speed bump. I am 100% positive & believe in our businesses. We will recover & come back many times stronger

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Chamanlal Setia Exports

Value Pick : Summary

About Business :

India is the 2nd largest rice producing country of the world & this business exports premium basmati rice under the flagship brand Maharani.

Chamanlal Setia Exports is a perfect example of Lala company where company name is actually the name of Mr Promoter . All the major shareholders are Gharwale & rishtedaar.

But on the contrary these guys are constantly upping their Maharani brand & growing turnover.

The world as well as our Country has insatiable hunger for Rice as it counts for about 40% of our agri production.

With many big n small businesses in agri sector from listed to unlisted. Our premium value pick is 1 of them.

In past I used to be a fund manager at a Agri-Commodity based Hedge fund ie, iMoney LLP . Since me closing that fund I always wanted a share of this sector as they are truly money minters & luckily now we got one .

Kaise let's check out...

SWOT Analysis :


  • Rice procurement pricing power.
  • Recognized Maharani brand & promoter is focussing on investing heavily on increasing brand equity.
  • Majority turnover is from exports where margins are very good & sustainable.
  • Capable of procuring rice & maintaining production in case of weak monsoon (Rice in India is a rainfed crop).
  • Promoters are constantly reducing debt & believes to grow organically. This is something I love in this premium value pick.


  • Remuneration policy of Chamanlal Setia Exports are not investor friendly & promoters & his family enjoys lot of perks. They are taking maximum benefits under remuneration policies of Companies Act 2013.


  • Business should explore new International markets.
  • R&D in Basmati to have more options within the brand.


  • Sharp fluctuations inr-dollar rate is always a risk involving exports of Agri products.
  • Monsoon plays somewhat important role in plantation season of rice & lower amount of rains are an inherent risk.
  • As such no major threat sector-wide worth mentioning here as we are dealing with most essential product of human need ie, Staple food.

Business Verdict :

The promoter is now aggressive with expansions but believes in growing organically without debt & young generation of Setia family is slowly taking control of expansion. I must say they are till now doing a good job & executing a realistic plan.

Chamanlal Setia Exports Ltd. is a Multibagger stock in India available undervalued. ValueGuyz this stock is a definite premium value pick to consider for your research.

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