3 ways Mr. Raghuram Rajan is controlling your value picks

Raghuram Rajan & Value picks

3 ways Mr. Raghuram Rajan is controlling your value picks

Hey valueuguyz what's up.

One day I learned an eye opening fact about fitness from some professional body-builder. He told me that you would see most of the people training the upper body in gym all the time while ignoring the lower body ie, legs & thighs because as per them logic is simple, legs kaun dekhta hai bhai, dole shole hone chahiye that's all what matters.

Interestingly he told me that upper body strength & built is directly in proportional to lower body stregth ie, jitni jyada muscled n powerful legs & thighs hongi utni hi upper body muscular bnani aasan hoti hai..

Wow that day my whole fundas of fitness went for a toss

But is non-sense ka Value pick se kya relation hai

Well every one thinks that to create wealth you should be proficient in equity but ... drum rolls please...

You can be awesome at value picks only if you are good at Bond markets.

sounds stupid.... naah it isn't.

This is a well kept secret that handful of people know properly yet disclosing it to anyone to bahut door ki baat hai .

Now you must be seeing in media then n now Mr. Raghuram Rajan related mirch masala and scratching your head about who the hell is this guy & why should I care.

Well Mr. Raghuram Rajan is the big Daddy ie, Governor of Indian Central Bank ie, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which in turn runs the Indian Bond Market.

& now you are going to know why should you care.

Mr. Rajan is controlling your value picks by :

1. controlling interest rate

  • Money supply in our system is controlled by prevailing interest rate.
  • Higher the interest rate than lower is the demand of money & hence lesser investing & value picks can be found under-valued easily .
  • Lower Interest rate has the inverse effect.
  • Mr. Modi administration is strong on lowering interest rate as it will jack up the stock market & hence more angrez will turn to India but for short term. Lekin dikhawa to ho jayega na that economy bda di aur angrez aa gaye aur isi baat par 2019 main vote maang lenge.
  • Mr. Rajan handles RBI & being an autonomous body RBI has not bowed to these demands of Mr. Modi & is doing a commendable job for stability of system n working on longevity of India's growth story.

2. controlling Mehangai

  • Believe or not but Mr. Rajan is the hand behind inflation. Either you like it or not.
  • Inflation can increase the price of goods or services you Value pick businesses sells.
  • It will increase the turnover & hence the profits for the businesses.
  • But there is a caveat : It lowers the spending power of Aam aadmi & hence lower the units sold by businesses.

2. controlling $ rate

  • Mr. Rajan has accumulated the highest forex reserve in his tenure in the history of RBI.
  • It means he is & can control ups & down of Dollar $.
  • Your many value pick businesses do exports & imports, they are directly dependent on the mercy of Mr. Rajan to stabilize $ exchange rate.

Knowing what the hell our RBI is doing is the most important thing when it comes to Value picks because they are controlling the money supply.

I founded ValueGuyz for the purpose of leading the Aam aadmi away from this Loot Lo Mentality of Stock brokers who wants everyone to indulge into Sattebaaji just so that they can mint brokerage while aam aadmi left pondering who made him fool & blaming Stock Markets at the end.

Knowing what is bond market is upto will give you a fair idea where markets are headed & you would be able to buy deep under-valued awesome Value picks.

Stay strong & patient.... We will prevail

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