57% Value Pick Return · Haldyn Glass · Exit In Dec16

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The core concept of value investing is margin of safety. The idea of value investing should be first and foremost about reducing risk. If you reduce risk the returns will take care of themselves

We have been patient with Haldyn Glass now let's reap the benefit as I exit the Value Pick Multibagger given for research at valueguyz.com

Original Value Pick : Haldyn Glass Ltd

Haldyn Glass Ltd

Value Pick : Summary

Result :

Watch the video above on this Value pick Exit.

Haldyn Glass Ltd as a value pick operates only in one business segment of manufacturing / supplying of glass bottles & containers.

Haldyn Glass closed one of furnace (Huge Boiler) for expansion & up-gradation of manufacturing unit which resulted in lower production. This in turn gave lower profitability to overall business.

It gave decent returns but has incurred almost none expenses (just an entry & an exit) and has clearly outperformed Nifty ie, 4.18% return in same period.

Just 57% tax free returns in 2 years are still very high by any standards. I hope aap yeh samjhe that we are not magician but Intelligent investors who are just avoiding sattabaaji.

Haldyn Glass didn't turned out to be a multibagger because of capital expansion phase of business but still sets an example of how wonderful things comes to an intelligent investor as he always avoid Sattebaaji & sticks to Margin of Safety (MoS)

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What are Value Picks ?

Value picks are stocks of companies that are believed to be undervalued at NSE or BSE. It is an outcome of huge sattebaaji directed by Stock brokers in that stock making Markets overreact to good and bad news, resulting in stock price movements that do not correspond with the company's long-term business or fundamentals.

You can learn Value Pick Multibagger Stock course & start your own research in depth. After completing the Value Pick Multibagger Stock course You have to apply methods & circle of competence on your researched Value Picks.

Is Value Pick Tax Free ?

No, Not anymore. Profit arising from holding Equity shares for 1 Year or more is covered under Long Term Capital Gain ( LTCG) as per Income Tax Act 1961 ( Section 54 ) & are liable to 0% for first 1lk and @10% exceeding 1lk

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Legends :

RoCE : Return on Capital Employed (Effective)

PAT(Avg.) : Net Profit after tax ( Average )

CMP : Current Market Price

MoS : Margin of Safety

Market Cap. : Market Capitalization (Total)


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