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Beating the Bear

3 Ways to Beat the Shit out of Bear in Market Crashes

Yes you read it correctly, We are gonna beat the shit out of any market crash that is thrown upon us, How ?? Keep reading dost & make sure that you watch the video (Updating Soon).

At the time of writing this post NIFTY was quoting 7309 on Today’s Close (20 Jan16).

So Mr Market has crashed substantially & I can say "I told you so" because I wrote about it last year with some funny keen observations Here , but there is a old saying in Financial markets "Chal gya to teer nai to tukka" (If it worked then You are a 'Hero' else it was a fluke) & I am gonna stick with "It was a Tukka (fluke)" .

It has lot to do with currency war & Rupee Devaluation (Yes you read !) but media is fancied with China n Crude Oil which are more Sexy topics to garner attention of public while secretly our Sarkar (Government of India) is passing lot of inflation to common people which is not in limelight. I guess it will be in trend later since abhi to Stock Brokers ko jyada volume ki sattebaaji karwani hai.

Panic in Stock Market creates wilder swings ie, more ups & downside which helps Stock broker to promote more Sattebaaji luring Aam aadmi to gain more or cut losses whatever fits his bill.

So without further discussion let's get into the ring and start the fight & beat the Bhaalu.

You can beat the bear by :

Holding your Value Picks

  • Since August 2015 Mr. Market (Nifty) is Down -11% & VGEX is Up 18% (Approx.). It means in when bear grips Mr. Market it doesn't matters to value picks & evidence is seen that VGEX is essentially going Up & Up irrespective of Mr. Market is having mood swings.
  • We have an examplary India's Risk Manager ie, Governor of RBI : Mr. Raghuram Rajan Jitni taarif kari jaaye utni kum hai is bande ki. RBI has a very smart team to manage Treasury of India & I am very optimistic that India "was", "is", "will be" a rapid growth country of our time.
  • Our current government BJP is pro-business & they always have prioritized business growth over Aam Admi issues.
  • Last but not least you invested in businesses not Stock Market....Duh!!! Stop thinking about Mr. Market and apne business main dhyaan do (Mind your own business) I mean it literally, believe in them.

Buy new awesome Value Picks

  • Market crashes brings some of best businesses down on their knees valuation-wise & You will be able to buy them Kude ke bhaav (Dirt cheap) & they are awesome.
  • It makes my job lot easier to bring Value Picks to you here at ValueGuyz & I am damn serious about them being a fund manager myself so please do give them your consideration.
  • Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered, Don't be a pig.

Beating the Bear

Don't you dare Sell any Value Pick !!

  • When Mr. Market is priced by Most Feared Person it doesn't mean that just because he is acting foolish you should join him.
  • Investing is not about controlling Mr. Market but being in control of your behaviour. Remember don't be a pig.
  • Value Picks gets this name for a reason. Because Most Feared Person believes it is kuda n willing to throw away a goldmine & on the other hand You believe in underlying business of these Value picks as you see them stable, solid, growing & getting better.
  • In the short run, Mr. Market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine. Value Picks will always outshine other Stocks. Want proof ? Just look at VGEX

If you listen to Stock Brokers you would think that investing is some kind of sport, or a war, or a struggle for survival in a hostile wilderness. But investing isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game.

I founded ValueGuyz for the purpose of leading the Aam aadmi away from this Loot Lo Mentality of Stock brokers who wants everyone to indulge into Sattebaaji just so that they can mint brokerage while aam aadmi left pondering who made him fool & blaming Stock Markets at the end.. but guess what ?? No more of this Saatebaaji & let's beat the shit out this Bear or anything else that stands in between us & our success.

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