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At the time of writing this post NIFTY was quoting 8300 on Today’s Close (21 August).

I founded ValueGuyz for the purpose of Value Investing in Indian style ie, Value Picks on Multibagger Indian Stocks with an, experience of over 8 years of Trading & Investing on NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange), NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange) of valuing from couple of thousands to multi crore positions.

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One thing I learnt with this experience is that when it comes to Value Picks (Value Investing ) nothing beats its performance, freedom, scalability, ease of executions, maintenance & peace of mind. Another thing I learnt was that more distance you keep from Stock Market Noises better chances you have to reach your goal of Value Picks.

With I made sure that I won’t write anything on Stock Markets because that will defeat the purpose of Indian style Value Investing ie, Value Picks. But desperate times sometimes needs some desperate measures & with some major money shift in financial sphere around the world I would like to write something about Indian Economy & Global Scenario and its relation to the Stock Market ( NSE & BSE ) that is going to help us all when we go for Business buying-spree using Value Picks.

Desperate Times needs Desperate Measures

Let’s Start by talking about Aam aadmi of India. Aam aadmi doesn’t care for Stock Markets & I know it very well & he considers it as a speculation vehicle ( Stock market to jua hai or yeh toh satta hai ) but what He fails to understand is that the Stock markets are directly related to Exchange Rates of Rupees & Interest Rates set by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) which directly hit inflation of Everything in this country.

Because of this I know that Stock market se farak pade ya na pade but inflation se sabko farak padta hai

Further I would like to extend my thanks to our Central Government ( Either Congress or BJP as both are more or less the same ) that they take no moral responsibility to introduce Aam aadmi to wonderful investment vehicle called stock market but leave it to Him to decode this complex matrix of reality hidden in illusions by Himself.

Courtesy of Central Government : Aam Aadmi suffers as always

Then Aam aadmi ends up Losing Money & hence prevails the phrases like Stock market to Jua hai or Yeh toh Satta hai. I don’t blame the poor guy as he enters into financial world through the advice of so called an Expert who is Sattebaaj himself, don’t think I am exaggerating the situation here because this is exactly what Indian financial industry comprise of.

I remember a quote that fits this situation exactly by Legendary Value Investor Warren Buffett :

Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway… - Warren Buffett

On the other hand our Government wants to leave no stone upturned to attract foreign funds either FII ( Foreign Institution Investor : People who invests in Financial markets from their AC offices in Singapore, Hong Kong & Mauritius & never bother to touch Indian ground but will always be commenting on India’s corruption ) or FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment : People who will put up a plant or factory here in India to manufacture goods for domestic or international consumption ).

I don’t know what Central Government’s angle is as if they want Growth of Aam aadmi here in India or they just want to make commissions when they sell Indian land & Sarkari Navaratnas to these foreigner. Also if they introduce Aam aadmi to financial instruments properly the average Wealth/Person of India would increase manifolds & I can bet on it but they don’t want to sacrifice their Short term Gains (Commissions) for this nations Long term Gain (Increase of Wealth/Person).

If you have something to add up here or some kind of insider info please enlighten me here by commenting below this post.

Day at FIIs Office

So why I am talking about these foreigners, well its common sense since Indian retail smart money is less than 5% in Stock Markets & rest of the smart money comes from these smart Firangi Funds .

It becomes important to track their movement since Indian Financial system ka poora fayda to Firangi utha rahe hai not Indians.

This is single most powerful reason why we have such a Wild Market Swings & crashes even when we don’t see anything wrong with the Indian economy. Indian Stock markets are majority dependent on foreign funds. Sad but true. It means global events become important as they are driving forces for movement of these foreign funds.

Active Tradng by FIIs leading to High Volatility like the famous Flash Crashes

With that in mind Let’s look at some recent events :

  • Greece bailout in June 15 : Well what how when is plastered all over the Internet, you can read details Here . But here I will touch two points : first does it changes interest rate in India second any effect on exchange rate of Rupees. If not then Firangi funds are here to stay minor hiccups and then market resumes its Uptrend. This news didn’t touched any of these two points & hence nothing major happened at Nifty.
  • Shanghai Index starts diving in free fall manner from June 15 : Again go read about it Here . It didn’t effected Forex of India or the Interest Rates & Nifty reacted a bit then resumed its Uptrend.
  • Chinese Central Bank devalues Yaun ( Chinese Currency ) first time in last 21 years in first week of August15 go read about it. What was it’s implications..

Wow what just happened here ? It changed the rules of the game. How ??

Let’s step back & look at the big picture of this Currency.

Suppose there are 4 Shops named India, China, Australia & Malaysia & they have lot products (goods & services) to sale (export) to buyers ( US ). He ( US ) buys regularly from these stores. One day China decides to put a flat discount on everything it sells through the shop ( that’s what Yaun devaluation is ).

Sale of the Decade : Courtesy to China

Now what happens??

Well now the customer ie, US has major advantage to shop only through China because of discount he gets ( More purchasing power ) but meanwhile he leaves other shops. While this event is playing out the other shops ie, India, Australia & Malaysia either have option to put discount too or else there there inventory piles up with no buyer.

So what they do ??

They put up discount on there stores too ( devalues there currencies too ) ( See India is also devaluing Rupees but clever enough to miss media reporting at the expense of Aam aadmi as he is going to get burnt by the inflation it leads ).

And hence there is a triggered International Currency War happening. So here in India Interest rate remains the same but Exchange rate jumps from Rs 63.5 to Rs 66 against dollar due to devaluation & I don’t think it will stop here.

When Dollar become stronger quickly it makes sense for Foreign funds to repatriate there money to their country into their Fixed deposit kinda equivalent (Government Debts) because let’s face it they are here to make returns & if they are getting instant returns by their dollar getting stronger they will definitely pull out money from stock market ( Who wants to risk when they can earn risk free : because India is providing Firangis Returns on silver platter by devaluing Rupees against dollar ).

Dollar getting Risk free returns against Rupees

Due to this no matter how good India is or what kind of ‘ Make in India ‘ or ‘Made in Bharat’ Government trying to pull while our Modiji travels around the world in swanky private Jets. Money is going out, NSE & BSE are going to crash who knows maybe 20%, 30% or 60% from here ( Nifty = 8300 ).

So get your shopping list ready guys with Value Picks because it could be the Sale of the Decade

I am already getting Goosebumps as I write this post & feel yourself lucky to be witnessing such a sale of multibagger indian stocks. Follow Value Picks techniques you would outperform like top 1% investor, remember just believe in yourself because you are master of your Circle of Competence.

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