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Only investments no satta.


Nice approach towards investing. recommending stocks with good fundamental good management and good buying range. also good profit booking Technique. Highly recommended.

Well researched recommendation and emphasis on long term investing

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Valueguyz always emphasize on long term investing and so look for stocks which could be compounding machine's. Each recommendation is like SIP approach which brings diversification to your portfolio not just by no. of stocks you hold but by time too. Keep doing great work...thanku...and Best of luck.

Good fundamental calls for investment with adequate margin of saftey


Good returns in all Market condtions. Excellent premium picks are given here.

Simple but too much Worth knowledge


It's knowledge portal ( course) is made in such a simple word for easy to understand to everyone even to whom who is beginner. It makes the community of people who can be self made investor. Join value guys and be wealthy and got early retirement in terms of earning money.