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My Gratitude to Valueguyz

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In a nutshell I would put forth that you have an honest advisor in such tricky times. I have been with Valueguyz for close to one year and I thank the day that I discovered 'valueguyz' while net surfing. And yes, as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating; I have had a good taste in my mouth and also in my portfolio. The Valueguyz recommendations are well researched and hold all chances for giving a neat return. It would be fair to admit that I am proud to be valueguyz member. It is a prized membership which I cherish. Thank you Valueguyz for a valuable service and Thank you, Jasmeet Pajee for creating this blog that is teaching us laymen people secrets of investing and making profits too. Good Luck Valueguyz. Best Regards - Shaukat Ali

New approach to stock markets.. till date the best one

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Learned a new way of understanding business and analyzing each recommendation before investment. Value investing is best way to make wealth for longer terms.

Truthfully and kind


I learned my first lessons of value investing from here. I wish to join as premium member one day.

VG stands for ValueGentlemen

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Though I have come across for the past 12 years with various stock consultants with huge subscriptions, I am feeling now only that the recommendations are valid and services are investor friendly. After joining VG, I felt comfortable with my investment and happening to see my investment getting creeping up day by day. All together the VG is excellent. I would like to give a suggestion that the "Hindi" words can be suitably translated in English and can be placed side by side within brackets to understand its meaning by non Hindi known investors like me, if possible. Very frequently I see "sattebhaji", but I don't know its meaning, but I feel it must be "trash" or "bla bla" or something like that. Thanks for your guidance in investing.