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Good choice


Dost ,, just join and enter in ur world,,,,, excellent thinking on investing n makes me confident for my future.

Its value is its USP


Doston, Valueguyz is amazing! It is not just for the tremendous growth in our portfolio but also for its no frills and very effective service. Tutorial videos are very well thought out and have been delivered in a fun way. Moreover, we can use the concepts straight away for research of stocks that are in our radar. To top it all, Jasmeet comes off as a very friendly person who patiently listens to all the queries and answers them.

ABC of investment


Around 4 years I am watching the market suggestions and burned my savings too. The basic course here stressed on key aspects like MoS, RoCE which are new to me. Looking for more fruitful information ahead as premium member.

Pool of wisdom for Investing in Equity Markets

Premium Member

Thanks to Jasmeet for starting this wonderful investment mantra. This gives lot of insight about how to analyle the business where we are going to park our hard earned money. Without getting to the punters trap and really see our money grow in long-term. This is really a great platform. Keep it up Valueguyz and keep spreading the wisdom of investment in Equity markets.