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Mar18 update :

VGEX : + 151%

Sattebaaj/Trader : - 100%

S&P Nifty : + 29%

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Wonderful Research !


Watching from 1 year... Given great results..

Excellent Call

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Jasmeet , i have become your dedicated follower... You are another growing Stock analyst and investor, with all your kind heart you are helping others as well in growing by sharing the knowledge and information. Keep going... All The best and keep helping all.

Knowledge & practical approach


Knowledge is every thing and jasmeet is knee deep in stock market knowledge. I don't know how but he is at right place at right time. Never seen such quality before highly recommended without shadow of doubt. This guy is next big thing.

Crisp information

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I have been in this line for more than 10 years & my portfolio has more than 50 shares.It covers large,mid,smallµ cap.It also covers high dividend paying scripts.Still i am learning.learning. Valueguys shows the way.The info about the share is crisp&to the point.I get additional info from other sites before investing.The point (say 8/10)system tells me the importance jasmeet singh is giving to a particular share.Selection of new share is interesting & covers all sectors of markets.Great.keep it up. kpj

good confident calls


I found valueguys through

Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh

Founder & Investor

SEBI Regd.(INH100004951)

Currently managing assets of 5 Crore+ & still sleep like a baby every night because Valueguyz makes life simpler.

I am passionate about 3 things in my life Financial System, Fitness & Photography

I got introduced to Financial system through Forex Trading back in 2007 during my 3rd Year of Engineering & It was too complex yet magnificent. Officially I entered Indian Stock Market in early 2008 at the very beginning of Global Financial Crisis, but what the hell did I know for me it was the last semester & time to get serious about my passion ie, Counter Strike

From then I had win & lose in countless situations using all tricks by book or outside the book. I have vast experience of trading more than 500 Crore + Turnover in Derivatives of NSE, MCX, Currency, NCDEX also in OTC (Over the counter) Markets, Bond Markets over last 8 Years.

I was stupid enough to waste my time to be master in Technical analysis, Behavioural finance, Algorithm Development, Guerilla ATS (Automatic Trading System), Risk Management, Treasury & Liquidity management upto extreme level till I got my first Value Pick .

I have been an extremely successful derivative trader in early days & moved on to Set up My Own Agri-Commodity based Hedge fund iMoney LLP with my college-mate from engineering right after my Master's in Finance.

iMoney was successful in making risk-free money as I wanted for 4 years but failed to scale, thanks to the tight regulations from RBI & my lousy partner. I shut down iMoney in mid-2015 & kicked out my lousy partner with the lesson that never work with passion-less people again.

Meanwhile my investing experimentation was on-going effort since 2009 but eventually stabilized a Value pick model in 2013. Turned out to be the best performance I ever had in all these multiple field of Finance.

Not to brag but I made decent record & now Manage 5 Crore + in a hedge fund using the same value picks technique on which runs.I started in 2014 as my effort to create a community of like minded investor who can see beyond the "Loot Lo Mentality" of Stock Brokers & live n Invest like a pro

I dig fitness specially endurance & running. I am regular at gymming since 2010. Gymming is all about persistent & consistent fight against yourself which I will carry on for lifetime as I love it so much to challenge myself. Gym has taught me that desciplined & consistent efforts takes you to levels that others only can dream of.

I recently got bitten by Candid Photography Bug & I keep upping my game of professional photography but just for fun. I love the complexity & sophistication in DSLR game which need consistent learning while clicking as well as developing the RAW files., Animated Value Pick courses, Videos are developed end to end solely by me for which I had to go through tough learning curve of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, BootStrap, Python, Flask Framework, SQL Databases, SEO, Open Graphs, Analytics, Server End Technologies, Video development, Audio development, Animated drawings, Acting, Camera work among many other things..... which again I liked because "Never Stop Learning" is my life's motto.

I am a laid back Sust person who loves to sleep & be alone when thinking. I love binge watching series & movies. Inspired a lot by Jason Bourne, James Bond, Ari Gold, Johnny Drama, Harvey Spector,Kramer, Frank Underwood & Jon Snow

You can fight Sattebaaji

Contact :

: 9871012220


: 227, Raja Garden, New Delhi - 15